Northern Michigan Weekend Trip

This past weekend, we were invited to go to a cabin in Fredric, MI and spend a couple of days with great friends and Mother Earth.  We all took kayaks down the river shown above...and the only negative thing about it was that I didn't wear enough sunscreen.

It felt so nice to be away from mass amounts of concrete and people for a second, and northern Michigan is definitely a fantastic option for a Chicagoan.  Being from Wisconsin, it reminded me so much of my home state...but surely has attributes unique to itself.

And another amazing bugs!  Visiting during the beginning of September was probably the reason, but I know to make sure for any nature trips I take in the future...late summer is the time to do it.

All in all it was a really great trip to free anxious thoughts and feelings, and to spend time with great people.  And a million thank you's to Amber, Jake, and the Oakley's for letting us come and hang.  :)