Majestic Kitten + Majestic Sunlight

Our new kitten Hermoinie was saved from a situation a few weeks ago.  Laura's friend saw a Facebook post stating that a kitty needed a home.  When she arrived, people there were joking how they were going to feed her to their pet snake, but that surely didn't occur. (Thanks Courtney!)  She was very young and needed to be taken care of, and she was passed along to us to do just that.

Being so young and not having much of a family ever, she has been extremely playful and intense at times...but surely manageable.  Definitely not a big deal...she is already quite independent and I dig it.

I thought I would snap some pictures of her today at the magic hour.  Been lucky at my new apartment that when it's sunny out, the light goes directly through these big window blocks in the bathroom...and with my white door as my fill card...yeah I really am a fan of this light!

Thanks to Laura and Hermoinie for being so patient with me, and I look forward to spending more time with them in the future.