Adam Holzrichter -- Portrait Painter

Today I visited Adam Holzrichter at his studio and photographed him as he painted a self-portrait of himself as a shaman. 


Within the short time I was there, it was amazing how far he got on the piece.  I always can appreciate being able to observe precision and efficiency while someone works.

A huge thanks to Adam letting me come hang out and make some photographs.  I love meeting and collaborating with artists, always.  Sticking together and inspiring each other to create is essential and it makes us all happier + healthier.  

To view Adam's work, visit his portfolio at


Finshed Project: SleepOnLatex

For the past few months, I worked with Karl Shevick and SleepOnLatex to create new photography for their website redesign.

Within three different photoshoots, we created portraits, product images, and photos at the production warehouse.

From working with models, to the real people working at the warehouse...the scope of the project focused on a natural aesthetic.

To see the full website in action, feel free to visit

And to view more images, feel free to visit the 'SleepOnLatex' section of my site by clicking here.

Thanks again to everyone involved!  So grateful to have worked with great talent all around.  With the first shoot, we had a nicely sized crew...and wanted to credit everyone involved with the photo production.  

Producer:  Christy Schmid

Prop Stylist:  Johanna Lowe

Wardrobe Stylist:  Carson Hoerz

Hair + Makeup:  Kasha Rodig

Photo Assistant:  Sam Doyle

Real Wisconsin - pt. 1

Below is a collection of documentary photographs taken around Southeastern Wisconsin looking to highlight the lives of real people within the Midwest.  

The series will continue on throughout the summer, with new blog posts every couple weeks...and in the end will be publishing a limited edition magazine of the curated series.

Industrial Photography 2015-2016

A collection of some of my favorite images captured at industrial factory environments in the past year.  Images were photographed for editorial and promotional usage throughout the Midwest.

Defne Koz // JuJu Magazine

Today I received a mysterious package from Istanbul.  Although, it wasn't so mysterious once I remembered the images I created of Turkish designer Defne Koz earlier this year.  

A portrait I captured of her was used as the lead-in image for the article in the Turkish publication JuJu Magazine which focuses on art, fashion, design, and music.  Really fun to work with international clients, and looking forward to meeting and collaborating with more people from all over the world.

To see what Defne Koz creates, click over here >>> and over there >>>>>

Recent Features in Time Out Chicago

Yesterday, September 9th, a special print edition of Time Out Chicago for the fall came out, and a couple of my photos were published in it.

Different images within both of the shoots were also used within the articles on Time Out Chicago's website.

It was great working with both Anthony and Michael.  Both shoots were done in a total of about 2 hours, and they were smooth as can be.  And a big thanks to Jackie for helping out with the shot at the Steppenwolf Garage Lobby below.

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 1.50.18 PM.png

I'm very excited to be working with Time Out.  I love meeting new people and hearing their stories, and this is one of the great ways to go about it.   

To view the article about bartender Anthony Mitchell, click here.

To view the article about actor Michael Patrick Thorton, click here.

To view all of the collected images together in my portfolio, click here or go to my 'Commissioned' portfolio and click 'Time Out Chicago'

An Organized Blog vs Tumblr

I've been using Tumblr for quite a long time now to publish new projects whether they are personal or commissioned, and I'm happy to continue using it due to the power of connectivity that it has.  But I've been meaning to begin posting content with more deep explanations of processes, experiences, and meanings of images...and this blog is where it starts.

So, this post is mainly to help redirect you to all of my past blog posts from the past few years.  



Otherwise, I'm quite thrilled for what the future holds and I'm excited to keep you in the loop.  Plus, the ability to describe and discuss my artistic experiences with other creators, lovers of art, and anyone who enjoys looking at and reading cool content is something I'm into.  :)

Thanks so much for swinging by!

- RK