My name is Ricky Kluge (KLOO-gee), and I'm an internationally published photographer based in Chicago USA, specializing in contemporary portraiture and documentary imagery.  

Originally from a small tourist town in Wisconsin, I've been able to meet, work with, and learn about people in our society from all sides of the spectrum. Sociology, and how people function in our world is highly important and interesting to me, and is the basis of many concepts of mine.

Things I enjoy are making people laugh, walking around outdoors on a nice day, wild music, and of course CREATING.  In my spare time, I produce strange electronic music [CLICK TO LISTEN] , throw around frisbees, and wander through local music festivities.

Of course, I also adore all art forms when done right. Which to me, is creating straight out of your soul. The land where influences are there, but they aren't obvious. A place where you don't care what anybody else thinks about you, but you're not a jerk. ;P

The most interesting creations to me are the realistic ones. Where you feel like you're there, but it's better than real life. People and places everywhere are filled with personality and unique stories, and I enjoy to relish in all of them.


Clients include:

Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day, Vineyard Vines, Wiley Publishing, Time Out Chicago, Warby Parker, SleepOnLatex, JuJu Magazine, Stio, Airstream Audio, Rose Pest Control, JDS Labs, Pagoda Red, among others.