My name is Ricky Kluge. (KLOO-gee)



I'm an internationally published photographer based in Chicago USA, specializing in contemporary portraiture.


I'm from a small tourist town in Southeastern Wisconsin where I grew up around blue collar, hard-working individuals.


I crashed a go-kart when I was 9 and needed fourteen stitches in my face.


In grade school, I hung around weed dealers and booze drinkers, but didn't partake.


I started making websites and practicing graphic design at 12 years old.


I used to play video games competitively.


In my spare time, I produce strange electronic music. [CLICK TO LISTEN] 




I am obsessed with the future, the new.  The tools that help advance the different facets of life, cultures, and the world.



Clients include...


Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day

Wiley Publishing

Time Out Chicago

Vineyard Vines  

Warby Parker


303 Products

JuJu Magazine


Airstream Audio

Rose Pest Control

JDS Labs

Pagoda Red